Minutes from Village of Winding Trails Meeting on January 24, 2012
Trustees in attendance: Tammy Dietrich, Rick Pfarr and George Fievet

7:33 Opening remarks made by Rick Pfarr

Officer Wood spoke about the neighborhood. He said no crimes have been reported since July 1st. Overall our neighborhood is very safe but he advised everyone to be watchful and call the local number (636-458-9194) for the Wildwood Police, not your trustees, immediately any time you see any suspicious activity including solicitors in the neighborhood. Solicitors must have a license to solicit in Wildwood.

Tim Woerther, Mayor of Wildwood, spoke about the Community Park project in progress, the rounda- bout at 109 and Pond Grover Loop and its advantages for traffic flow. He also answered questions from the group about the pooled sales tax situation, economic development in the town center and deer population control. He encouraged everyone to sign up for the Wildwood Gazette online to stay informed about what is going on in Wildwood.
Katie Dodwell,Ward 4 Councilwoman, informed us that permanent restrooms are being installed at Anniversary Park. And that Wildwood is recognized as a fiscally sound city that only spends what they have.

George Fievet, Trustee, spoke about 2011 budget results and the 2012 budget. The good news is that our assessments will be unchanged for 2012 and we had no unexpected major expenditures in 2011. Our cash balances are in good shape going into 2012. For 2012, we do anticipate overall higher expenses, including maintenance on the entrance sign, but we should be able to cover our anticipated expenses with budgeted assessment receipts.

Tammy Dietrich, Trustee, spoke about repairs done in 2011 such as the resurfacing to the big pool and tennis court cracks filled. Looking forward to 2012, the baby pool is leaking and may need some work, additionally, some of the concrete around the baby pool may also need work. There was some discussion about changing the pool keys or other approaches to insure the people using the pool are current with their assessment payments. This has not been a big issue so we will have to weigh the cost of various options against the size of the actual problem. This subject will be reviewed prior to next year. We need a volunteer or volunteers to do the summer pool party.

Rich Pfarr, Trustee, spoke about our neighborhood indentures and the fact that architectural changes including paint, roofs, decks, fences, landscaping need to be presented to the Architectural Committee for review prior to work being done. This is intended to protect all of us and maintain the character of the neighborhood that we all bought into. Indenture details are available on our website. If you have any questions, please contact Rick. Rick also thanked the volunteers that ran the various activities during the holidays.

The continuing efforts by the trustees to be good stewards of our subdivision finances and ongoing maintenance was recognized by those in attendance

Rick Pfarr was nominated and elected trustee for a new 3 year term.

Meeting closing 8:33.