To:             The Residents of the Village of Winding Trails.

From:         Your Trustees

Laine Angelo Rick Pfarr  Dean Pfieffer
572 Prospector Ridge 1916 Larimer Trail 510 Shadows Mountain
458-7678 405-1573 273-1396

Re:    Notice of Annual Meeting February 27, 2007

The annual meeting for The Village of Winding Trails will be held February 27 at the Woodlawn Presbyterian Chapel, Clayton and Strecker Roads starting at 7pm.

The agenda for this meeting will be as follows:

A. 2006 Repairs update

1. Pool

2. Common ground hole, creek, French drain

3. Storm water drains and retention pond

4. Tennis courts

5. Tennis courts fence repair

B. Architectural Committee items

1. Trim trees along streets and sidewalks

2. Trim grass along sidewalks

3. Maintain yards

4. Parking of cars on street for more than 24hrs. you can be ticketed. Be courteous to your neighbors, park in your driveway.

5. Please obtain permission from Architectural Committee on any major outdoor lawn or home improvements (painting, siding, retaining walls, major landscaping, not sure? call Rick.)

6. Please pick up your dogs waste and don't throw it into the storm drains.

C. Budgets for 2007

1. Village assessment to remain at $110 a year
Click Here to download PDF file.

2. Bath and Tennis to remain at $275 a year
Click Here to download PDF file.

D. Nomination and election of new trustee (Laine Angelo's term ends.)
Interested parties pleas call Laine.

E. Any other old business

F. Any new business

G. Close of meeting

If you can not attend please fill out the attached proxy and give it to one of the trustees by Friday February 23rd. We do need a quorum, 25% of the eligible residents must be in attendance or one proxy per family. Click Here for the Proxy.

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