The annual meeting for the Village of Winding Trails will be held March 6, 2008. The meeting place will be at the Woodlawn Presbyterian Chapel - Clayton and Strecker Roads at 7:30 pm.

At this meeting the election of a new trustee will be held and a new budget of 2008 will be discussed and approved. If you are interested in running for the position, please complete the information below and return to one of the trustees listed below. Click Here to download in PDF format the 2008 Village & Pool Budgets.

The agenda of the meeting, budget, and trustee candidates will be sent to each home before the meeting.

A few reminders to all residents:

1.   Contact Rick Pfarr if you are planning any changes or
modifications to your property such as siding, painting,
retaining wall replacement, landscaping, fencing and etc.
Read the indentures before calling. (Click Here to see them)

2.           Please clean up after your dog. A number of people are leaving
dog waste on neighbor's lawn, common ground and their own
property. Let's keep our neighborhood beautiful. Not doing so
is a violation of Wildwood ordinances and you can be cited.

3.           If you observe any specious activity in the neighborhood please
contact the police at 458-9194.


Name: _________________ Signature:_____________________


Phone No:______________

Your Trustees

Rick Pfarr                      Dean Pheiffer                   Dana Fenster

1916 Larimer Tr.            510 Shadow Mt.              1910 Larimer Tr.

405-1573                        273-1396                         458-9301

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