VWT Bath and Tennis Club Memberships

Bath and Tennis Club Memberships

There are two types of memberships available to certain residents in the Winding Trails area: Resident Membership and Non-Resident Membership.

Resident Membership
These include residents in the “Village of Winding Trails” and certain residents in the nearby “Winding Trails” subdivision who are required to join the bath and tennis club. Both these are categorized as mandatory members. If you live in the “Village of Winding Trails” you are a Resident Member – these are listed in the first table below.

Additionally there are a number of lots in the “Winding Trails” subdivision that are also considered Resident Members per deed/lot agreements and addendums – these are listed second table below.

For both resident types above, pool membership is required and resides with the property and transfers with the property upon sale. When you sell your home, the new homeowners are automatically members and subject to the pool assessments as spelled out in the subdivision indentures. When the homeowner keys are handed off at the closing they should include the pool key or a key may be obtained from the pool trustee by paying a deposit. Failure to stay current on paying pool assessments by Resident Members will result in civil action to collect all due assessments.

Non-Resident Membership
If you live in “Winding Trails” – which is a totally distinct and defined large subdivision adjoining the “Village of Winding Trails” – with sections having their own name, i.e. “The Manors at Winding Trails”, etc., you may be a Non-Resident pool member, except as noted above. These residences are shown in the third table below.  Non-Resident members are subject to payment of an annual pool assessment similar to the Resident Members as spelled out in the “Village of Winding Trails” indentures. Non-Resident pool membership does not automatically transfer with the property. However, it has been the custom of the trustees of the “Village of Winding Trails” to permit Non-Resident Members to offer a new homeowner buying their property continuation of the Non-Resident Membership without paying a new Non-Resident Member application fee, provided that the selling Non-Resident Member is a member in good standing and current on payment of the annual pool assessment.

The seller should turn in their key to Rich Gebhardt, pool trustee, and their key deposit will be refunded if appropriate. The new Non-Resident homeowner should obtain and submit an application to the pool trustee within 30 days of the closing along with a check for their annual assessment, if due, and a key deposit. Failure to apply for pool membership within 30 days could require the new homeowner to pay the full “new Non-Resident Member” application fee if they should want to join at a later date. No assurance can be made that this custom will continue. Failure to stay current on the payment of the Non-Resident Member annual pool assessment can result in the cancelation of your membership and a new application and fee are required to rejoin. If you live in “Winding Trails”, and are not already a member, you may apply for membership as a Non-Resident Member. Please contact the Village of Winding Trails pool trustee for complete information.

The “Village of Winding Trails” subdivision consists of these Resident Members (required to join):

1901-1914 Copper Court 501-572 Prospector Ridge Drive 400-452 Still Creek Pass
2252-2265 Crimson View Drive 1908-1962 Prospector Ridge Drive 400-468 Thunderhead Canyon Drive
1903-1933 Larimer Trail 504-525 Shadow Mountain Court 532-570 Red Rock Drive
1921-1946 Matterhorn Drive 1904-1977 Still Creek Pass  

These “Winding Trails” lots are Resident Members (required to join):

1914 Arapahoe Basin Court 16687 Clayton Road 587 Prospector Ridge Drive
1932 Arapahoe Basin Court 1900 Durango Pass Court 609 Shadowridge Drive
1927 Berthould Pass Court 1907 Durango Pass Court 632 Shadowridge Drive
504-529 Big Horn Basin Court 447 Gunnison Gorge Drive 638 Shadowridge Drive

1701-1758 Big Horn Basin Drive

2035 Medicine Bow Drive 2023 Sundowner Ridge Drive
16608 Clayton Road 2061 Medicine Bow Drive  
16621 Clayton Road 1912 Powderhorn Pass Court  

Non-Resident Members (option to join)

If your address is below you are in the “Winding Trails” Subdivision regardless of what the sign says near your street.

1901-1938 Arapahoe Basin Court 1900-1917 Powderhorn Pass Court
1903-1928 Berthoud Pass Court 429-459 Shadowridge Court
500-538 Black Canyon Court 502-682 Shadowridge Drive
2002-2010 Centennial Court 508-520 Summit Cove Court
16531-16802 Clayton Road 403-428 Sundowner Ridge Court
1900-1925 Durango Pass Court 2000-2035 Sundowner Ridge Drive
506-548 Eagles Nest Court 473-497 Thunderhead Canyon Drive
552-589 Eagles Nest Estates 1901-1928 Wolfcreek Pass Court
403-495 Gunnison Gorge Drive 504-527 Woodmoor Ridge Court
523-530 McBride Pointe Drive 1956-2087 Woodmoor Ridge Drive
2003-2049 Medicine Bow Drive    
2055-2061 Medicine Bow Court    

If your street is not listed you are NOT in the Winding Trails Subdivision regardless of what the sign says near your street!

Click Here for the Membership Application if your street is listed above (PDF file).