Village of Winding Trails Bath & Tennis Club

Pool Hours:   10:00 am to 8:00 pm daily (Memorial Day through Labor Day)

The purpose of these rules is the safety of all our members and their guests and to provide all with an enjoyable visit to our neighborhood pool.

Children’s Pool

  • No lifeguard on duty; adult supervision required.

  • Swim diapers are required.

Pool Rules

  • Proper and appropriate swimsuit is required – the following are not allowed:  shorts (that are not a swimsuit) and thongs (not the kind you wear on your feet).

  • Pool gate is to remain closed at all times during open pool hours. Exceptions are only during neighborhood events or if you need to prop it open to carry in items for a party.
  • Lifeguards have the final authority.
  • Guests are permitted in the tennis courts or pool only when accompanied by a Bath and Tennis Member.  Based on pool conditions, the lifeguard has the discretion to limit the number of guests per member present to 2 at a time. 
  • POOL PARTIES –  If you wish to have an event (birthday party, etc.) at the pool, and your event consists of 10 or more people, contact Rich Gebhardt (pool trustee) at 314-651-3413 well in advance with event details (type, number of people). The maximum number, subject to change, is 25.  If you have more than 25, you are responsible for paying for a second lifeguard.

  • Your date and time must be reserved so your event won’t conflict with another event or overload the pool and compromise pool safety.  There may be restrictions on day and time.  For example, there should be no problem during the mornings but afternoons on Saturday and Sunday may be busy. Please have your event confirmed well in advance. Commercial Events are never allowed and Personal Events must be approved by the Trustees who reserve the right to deny an Event.
  • At the top of every hour the lifeguard will blow the whistle for adult swim. All children must get out of the pool during this time – adults only.  This includes the steps.  This allows the guard to refill water bottles, use the bathroom, check chemicals and attend to other maintenance details.  After 15 minutes, the guard will then return to the deck to watch the pool.  
  • No admittance without authorized proximity card.
  • Tennis court gate must be kept closed. Pick up trash as you leave the court.
  • No skateboards, roller blades or hockey sticks are allowed on the tennis courts.  Court surfaces are meant to be played on only with a tennis ball or basketball.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 18 years or older when visiting the pool. If you send your children to the pool with a caregiver, please make sure they are at least 18 years old.
  • No running, diving or rough play.
  • No glass items.
  • No pets.
  • Use of air mattresses or other accessories shall be allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard.
  • If the pool is crowded please use only the chairs you need and not use them to hold towels, bags, etc.