Winding Trails Subdivision is a residential enclave in the western portion of St. Louis County, MO. It was formed in 1979 by the Manlin Corporation. Home building commenced in 1980 and was generally completed by 2000. The development covers thirteen separate plats of land. Many of the lots are situated on steep and hilly terrain. The planners sought to retain as much tree cover as possible, allowing mature oaks, hickory, and walnut trees to provide cover, beauty, and soil stabilization. During the unusually heavy rains of 1993, the subdivision was never threatened by flooding that devastated some of the metropolitan area. Terrain elevation ranges from 580 feet to 720 feet above sea level.

Electric and telephone utilities were placed underground to preserve the natural state of the land and avoid “eye pollution.” The Subdivision pays for lighting for eighty-five light poles. These lights are also serviced by underground lines. These poles themselves are owned and maintained by AmerenUE.

Twenty four streets run thorough the subdivision. Clayton Road is the main route for entering and existing Winding Trails. Originally intended as a dead end street, pressure from the Rockwood School District, St. Louis County, and developers resulted in 1989 in Clayton Road linking to Highway 109 . Thunderhead Canyon Drive and Strecker Road are other routes in and out of the subdivision. The Big Horn Basin portion of Winding Trail can be reached only from Strecker Rd. and has its own entrance sign.

Twenty of our streets end in cul de sacs which are common ground. In 2003, with uniformity of design and lower maintenance costs in mind, the Trustees developed a comprehensive plan to redesign and replant all twenty cul de sacs. Most original plantings, some attractive to deer, that did not meet the criteria were replaced. The cost for the redesign project was over $27,000.

Winding Trails Subdivision does not own a swimming pool. However, our sister subdivision, the Villages of Winding Trails, does. Through provisions made in indentures and property deeds, some residents are eligible to apply for pool membership at the Village of Winding Trails, subject to application and fees. 

Today our some 384 homes lie in Ward Four of the City of Wildwood. The subdivision lies about two miles from the Wildwood Town Center and convenient shopping.