VWT Newsletter 2021

The Village of Winding Trails Newsletter
Spring 2021
Our annual subdivision meeting was held January 28, 2021. The 2021 budget was approved and
assessments will remain at $275 for Bath and Tennis, and $110 for Winding Trails. During the meeting,
Rich Gebhardt was elected as a new trustee. The budget and minutes of the meeting can be found at

Resident Communications
Residents use our web site to see what is happening in our neighborhood. It has information about the
pool, architectural questions, our indentures, events, and other useful information.
We communicate with our residents by e-mail, web site, and U.S. mail.
If you want to be on our email list, contact Dave McGinnis. All information is kept confidential.

Pool Information
In 2020, we introduced a mobile app system for accessing the pool—this app will again be in place for
2021. Information about the app will be displayed at the pool as you arrive. All residents should sign
in via the app and enter the number total guests before entering. New residents that have questions
about the pool can contact Rich Gebhardt.
Note: Residents that have not paid assessments will not be admitted into the pool.
The Covid-19 epidemic impacted potential improvements to the pool. We are aware of a sink hole that
has developed on the pool parking lot and are monitoring it for any change in condition.
The Wi-Fi is still up and running at the pool. Check with trustee Rich Gebhardt for details.
We ask that you please be courteous to the lifeguards and follow the pool rules. They are there
for your safety.
We look forward to a great 2021!

Please do not park on the streets over 24 hours—especially around the cul-de-sacs.
All the homes in our neighborhood have three car garages with accompanying driveways, please use
them to park your cars not the streets. If vehicles are parked in the street, large vehicles (trash trucks,
emergency vehicles, snow
plows) have a very difficult time maneuvering around them.
Waste Connections has complained about the parked cars, which make it especially difficult for
drivers to maneuver around in cul-de-sacs.
Please stop parking on Thunderhead Canyon Road. Parked cars obstruct the view for drivers
especially on hills. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

Please maintain your yards and homes—well maintained properties add value to our neighborhood
and benefit all of us.
If you are planning to make changes to the exterior of your home, you can obtain the architectural
forms from our web site and submit them to Dave McGinnis for review and approval.

Please keep your trash/recycle bins out of sight and store them in your garage when not on pick up
day. Place them out no more than 24 hours before pick-up (Tuesday and Wednesday).

When walking your dog, please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up your dog’s waste. This is
especially true on the common ground around the pool and on the Caulk’s Creek side. We have posted
signs asking for your compliance.

When driving in our neighborhood, please obey the speed limits—especially on Still Creek,
Thunderhead Canyon, and Prospector Ridge. Many of our new residents have small children, while
others are walking dogs, running, or just enjoying a walk. Please do your part to ensure we have a safe

Special Note
Thanks to all the folks who helped with the Luminaries in December 2020 and continue to help with
the Beautification Committee.
We look forward to a great 2021!
Your trustees,

Ray Edwards (budget)

David Rosen-McGinnis
(architecture, landscaping, website)

Rich Gebhardt
(pool, tennis court)

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